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Sunday November 29th 2020


Alex Rodriguez: Cameron Diaz Look-Alike Proves A-Rod’s Love is Blind

York Yankees fans have long believed that there was something wrong with Alex Rodriguez's vision. How else do you explain his constant failures in the postseason? It certainly can't be because the pitching is better.

Now, with him dating someone who looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz, we can confirm that he has lost his vision. 

According to a report by Jade Watkins in the UK Daily Mail, Rodriguez's new lady, Ella Magers, have likely been dating for at least 16 days.

With her statuesque figure and washboard abs, at first glance it appeared that Alex Rodriguez had reunited with ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

But the brawny blonde sun-baking with the New York Yankees star is actually the 36-year-old's new flame, ...

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