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Friday August 19th 2022


Alex Rodriguez: Baseball’s Anti-LeBron

Quick question: Which baseball player do you hate the most?

Whether you are a Red Sox fan, Mets fan, or you hate baseball and only know players who frequently are on TMZ, your answer is likely Alex Rodriguez. Hell, many Yankee fans will agree with you.

It is fascinating how one player can alienate so many sports fans. Even Barry Bonds, at the very least, had the undying support of Giants fans. A-Rod gets no such love.

Yet, here A-Rod is today, having smashed the 600th home run of his career. And he keeps plugging along.

Once upon a time, they said he wasn’t built for New York. Believers in clutch ability claimed he wasn’t clutch. When he’d hit a walk off home run, they’d say it was only April. ...

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