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Friday June 18th 2021


7 Rock-Solid Players New York Yankees Should Save Their Payroll for in 2014

ESPN writer David Schoenfield wrote a detailed feature about the New York Yankees and their success in spite of old age.

Rebuking doomsayers, Schoenfield time-traveled 18 seasons (to when Jack McDowell wore pinstripes) to show why it would be unwise to count the Yankees out in 2013.

Absorbing the chart Schoenfield provides in his feature, he makes a valid argument. After all, it is tough to argue with a 1,731-1,163 team record and an average plus-148 run differential since 1995.

What is debatable however (and not mentioned in Schoenfield’s work) is that this present Yankees ball club fields one of the oldest Yankees teams in the past 18 years.

Frankly, Yankees fans accused of grumbling have every right ...

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