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Saturday May 26th 2018


6 Reasons Nick Swisher’s On-Base Percentage Has Evaporated

Swisher is struggling.  The New York Yankees right fielder is hitting .247, and that is his lowest batting average since 2008—the year before he joined the "Bombers".

Even more shocking is Swisher's sudden drop in on-base percentage.  Over his career, the Bronx Bomber's OBP has been .357.  This season it currently sits at .308. 

For a player known for his ability to battle every at-bat and manage to reach base in spite of falling behind in a count, that represents a shocking loss of a key weapon in Swisher's arsenal.

Why has the Yankee outfielder had such a difficult time this season in reaching base? 

Perhaps a closer look at his numbers can show us where the root of Swisher's OBP drop lies.

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