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Friday September 18th 2020


5 Ways Alex Rodriguez Can Dip in the Fountain of Youth and Find Late Success

is no question that New York Yankees slugger, for the time being, Alex Rodriguez is going through one of the roughest patches in his highly publicized and superstar career.

The three-time American League MVP currently sits fifth on the all-time home run list (647), just 13 long shots behind the great center fielder Willie Mays. However, the last two seasons, critics and fans have jumped all over the third baseman after his decrease in power numbers, especially in the postseason.

Not only did he fail to help his team win even one game against the Tigers in their disappointing ALCS sweep, but he limped through his ninth season with the Bronx Bombers.

To his credit, he suffered a couple of injuries over the last two seasons and has not ...

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