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Sunday September 27th 2020


5 Post-Sweep Moves George Steinbrenner Would Make If He Still Ran the Yankees

Steinbrenner was never fond of losing.

In fact, you could say that he hated it, and he would be sick to his stomach to see what the New York Yankees just did—or didn’t do—in the ALCS.

The Yankees were swept by the Detroit Tigers in the most embarrassing of fashions. They didn’t pitch well, they didn’t hit well, and they definitely didn’t play well.

Back in the days when Steinbrenner called the shots, immediate action would be taken. Players, coaches, front office personnel and even the hot dog vendors would be on the cusp of losing their jobs.

Now that Steinbrenner has passed on, it’s up to his son, Hal, to run the most successful franchise in the history of sports.

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