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Monday October 26th 2020


2011 Fantasy Baseball: Mark Teixeira and Baseball’s Notoriously Slow Starters

start of the season comes a bit later for some and often it takes the presence of short sleeves and the aroma of sunscreen to thaw a long winter’s offseason.

For players like Mark Teixeira, April might as well be February, and August, well—might as well be batting practice.

Justifying the slow starts for some of the game’s biggest stars like Teixeira is like rationalizing Vernon Wells’ contract; it just can’t be explained.

Teixeira’s career .237 April average has Yankee brass scratching their heads considering the All-Star first baseman’s .299 rate after the mid-summer classic. The annual April stall has prompted him to begin earlier spring training workouts during February rather than March, ratcheted spring ...

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