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Sunday January 17th 2021


18-Month-Old Yankees Fan Recites the Names of Every Yankees Legend

class="p1">Meet “CC,” one of the most well-spoken 18-month-olds on planet earth and quite possibly the future owner of the New York Yankees.

She’s already on the fast track to having her own booth in Yankee Stadium, considering she’s barely a toddler and has the brain power to recite almost every New York Yankees great to don the pinstripes in the franchise’s long history (via SportsGrid). 

Just listen to her go. All she needs is a first-name prompt or a jersey number and she’s off to the races, rattling off Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Berra... 

Some of the pronunciations are a little muddled, but her overall clarity in speech is insane (she pronounces ...

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