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Wednesday December 1st 2021


10 Free Agents New York Yankees Must Show Interest in for 2012

feeding frenzy that is the MLB off-season often brings blockbuster drama and expectations for teams and newly acquired players.  The New York Yankees are usually in the middle of this calamity, always looking to pick up new pieces to an always-tricky puzzle as they reload for a new season.  

This winter will likely be no different, but who should they go after to bolster their line-up?  Should it be a front-line starter, or maybe a top-end reliever to help out a solid bullpen led by Mariano Rivera?  It could be a bat; they can never run out of those.  Or possibly it'll be a player they just don't need, but if acquired could put them over the top.  Here's 10 they will most likely take a good glance at before ...

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