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Saturday October 24th 2020


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New York Yankees: Tamp Bay Rays Series Recap, Plus »

If this trend continues, maybe we should all just skip the first game of the series. The Yankees started a three-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday night and wrapped it up on Sunday evening, with plenty of back and forth action in-between. David Price started game one and went a career high seven and two thirds, with a whopping 111 [...]

Series Recap: Yanks Steal Two, Plus Three-up, »

Hey, would you look at that! The Yankees bullpen decided to get their act together for the final two frames in what would turn out to be an exciting—and very long—three-game series with the AL East rival Red Sox. I will be doing series recaps after all of the Yankees' series this year, and also highlight who performed well in the set, [...]

New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox: Yanks Bullpen »

I barely made the start of the game. That should've been an omen right there. Even though it was Easter, the local Chinese place was open, and I stopped by with my roommate to snag some Crab Rangoon, Chicken Fingers and other completely unhealthy and unnecessary snacks.  I had no idea how we could be the only people in the entire place, yet [...]

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox: Lineup Challenge »

Working in a local supermarket, I have a front row seat for all the latest hollywood gossip and glamour. There are upsides and downsides to this. For example: downside, I can name about twenty celebrities who have cellulite, and how many plastic surgeries Heidi Montag has had. A clear upside: the Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, or any [...]

Joba Chamberlain: Timeline of 2009 and Beyond »

When I get home from my dorm room during school breaks, I often like to see my little brother, spend some quality time with my mom, and talk sports with Dad—a fellow pinstripes fan. The only thing I enjoy more than these things—yes I said more—is seeing my autographed Joba Chamberlain jersey that hangs above my bed. He has been [...]