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Monday October 26th 2020


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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Pitching Targets for Teams »

Cliff Lee’s imminent free-agent destination is no certainty yet, but there’s one reason he would re-sign with the Rangers (his family) and 160,000,000 proverbial reasons he would sign with the Yankees.  Maybe there is a chance his family is reason enough to sign with the Rangers, but, as we have often learned this time of year: [...]

New York Yankees Have To Give Derek Jeter Whatever He »

       Will he’ll be the third best shortstop on the team in a couple years?  Sure.  Don’t his career numbers make him a rich man’s Craig Biggio?  Of course.  But the Yankees need Derek Jeter as much as the Yankee captain needs the pinstripes.  The Yankees are built on quiet [...]