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Saturday October 31st 2020


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New York Yankees: Does Andy Pettitte Belong in the »

When Andy Pettitte's name hits the ballot for the Hall of Fame in five years, the Baseball Writers of America Association (BBWAA) will have a very difficult decision on their hands.  His candidacy touches on so much of what has happened in the last 20 years in baseball.  The case for Pettitte is built on one simple premise: He has been [...]

Decision 2011: How Much Is Derek Jeter Worth? »

This winter Derek Jeter will be paid a lot of money by the New York Yankees.  The New York Yankees are a team that promotes their history better than any franchise in sports today.  Jeter is the living embodiment of the team's return to glory.  That makes his value unique to the Yankees, but not to the rest of baseball.  He [...]

Not Done Yet: How the Yankees Can Finish Remaking »

Today's trade of Melky Cabrera for Javier Vazquez solidifies the rotation but opens the door for more moves in the Yankee outfield. Most predict that the Yankees will now be in play for a marquee left fielder.   Make no mistake; the Yankees will keep tabs on the contract discussions for both Jason Bay and Matt Holliday if for no [...]