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Friday October 30th 2020


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Baltimore Orioles Victim of AL East Domiance »

Looking at the MLB standings today, I couldn’t help but notice just how strong the AL East is so far this season. Even the fourth place team, the Toronto Blue Jays, are seven games above .500, and the only bad team in the division is the Orioles. I thought it might be interesting to see what the differences are when an AL East team is [...]

Seattle Mariners May Have Done New York Yankees a Huge »

The Yankees brass were pretty hanked off after they thought they had a deal for the Mariners’ Cliff Lee, centered around 20-year-old catcher Jesus Montero. But the M’s went ahead and sent Lee to Texas for a package centered around first baseman Justin Smoak.  The Mariners may have done the Yankees an enormous favor. In his last [...]

Andy Pettitte’s Groin Injury: Will New York »

Yankees ace Andy Pettitte left today’s game in the third inning with a Grade One left groin strain, and it has already been announced that he is expected to miss four or five weeks.  Coupled with A.J. Burnett’s recent two-handed assault on a locker room door that left Burnett bloodied and his ego bruised, the Yankees will likely [...]

The Players’ Association Sheds a Tear for George »

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died today at age 80.  While I was not a fan of the man, I’m not much in the mood to speak ill of the dead today. Two groups that will miss Steinbrenner in their own ways are the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and players’ agents, because [...]

Major League Baseball: 1975 – The Worst Draft »

Almost certainly the worst job Major League Baseball teams ever did of handicapping baseball talent happened in the 1975 Draft. It was a bad, bad draft on many levels. The first player selected was my all-time biggest draft bust: Danny Goodwin. Adding to the fact that this was the second time Goodwin was the first player selected in the draft, he [...]

Alex Rodriguez is a Punk »

The Dallas Braden/Alex Rodriguez feud is still going strong, and while part of me feels that Braden ought to let it go and move (which he appears to be doing tonight with eight perfect innings against the Rays so far), all of me feels that Alex Rodriguez is one of the bigger punks in the game. This article quoting A-Fraud on espn.com kind of says [...]