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Tuesday October 20th 2020


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Nine Things We Learned from the Tigers-Yankees Weekend »

Game 1: Yankees 7, Tigers 6 We learned that Justin Verlander is fallible, particularly when pitching in a ballpark which loves being tickled by baseballs that have been hit to right-center field—both Alex Rodriguez and Russell Martin’s shots were heading in that direction when last seen.We also learned that the Yankees bullpen can [...]

Lou Gehrig, Don Mattingly and the Top 10 New York »

In honor of the passing of New York Yankees 1950s first baseman Moose Skowron, here is a quick ranking of the top 10 Yankees first basemen of all time. This is an interesting exercise in that the Yankees have had many more great outfielders than first basemen. There will be a few names in here you might not expect to see. As for Mattingly, you'll [...]

Moose Skowron: New York Yankees Great First Baseman »

One of the felicities of my position as an armchair baseball guy is that sometimes I can get out of the armchair and talk to my heroes.Since the mid-1990s, I’ve made it a point to get a press credential for every Yankees Old-Timers Day and talk to the players. In that capacity, I’ve gotten to talk to some great players who are now [...]

Yu Darvish Faces Hiroki Kuroda in Tonight’s »

On Tuesday night in Texas, two natives of Japan will match up when the Yankees’ Hiroki Kuroda takes the mound against the Rangers’ Yu Darvish. Here’s Kuroda (via The LoHud Yankees Blog): “This is not a one-on-one game,” he said. “It’s the Rangers against the Yankees. I’m going to do as much as [...]

Can Derek Jeter’s Hot Start Last? »

Mike Jaggers-Radolf asks if Derek Jeter can sustain his .366/.395/.610 start: Digging just a little bit into the numbers, Derek’s hot start doesn’t look sustainable. The Yankees have faced an improbably high number of left handed starters so far in 2012. One thing Jeter has always done is clobber left handed pitching. For his [...]

Yanks Must Do More Than Wear No. 42 to Make Up »

On Sunday night, Connor Orr of New Jersey’s Star-Ledger wrote of how important the Jackie Robinson Day celebration is to Yankees players. Said Curtis Granderson: This day is the reason I get to play this great game of baseball, with Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier 65 years ago, and doing a lot of things not only for baseball [...]

New York Yankees: Pitcher Ivan Nova Should Get Used to »

After getting knocked around by the Mets this afternoon, Yankees right-hander Ivan Nova said that today, "was one of the worst days of my life. I wasn't pitching right."Well, you might have to get used to it, Ivan.The Mets, with a lineup not expected to provoke memories of 1986, knocked out eight hits and drew two walks in just 2.2 innings. Nova, [...]

Kentucky Has Won a Championship, so Will the Yankees »

I prefer to give the NCAA a wide berth; something about being true-to-your-school, Beach Boys fashion, never really grabbed me.Perhaps it was because Rutgers might not have won a football game the entire time I was there, or it could be that the whole “student-athlete” thing always overstretched my willing suspension of disbelief. If I [...]

Can the Yankees Withstand the Loss of Michael Pineda? »

Can the Yankees survive the loss of Michael Pineda? The real question is, can they survive the loss of anyone? Among position players, they lack depth. Pitching is a different matter. They will be just fine. Sure, no team wants to lose a pitcher of the quality of Pineda, or at least Pineda’s first half of last season, but the Yankees are [...]

Nick Swisher Not Hurt Badly, But Yankees Lack Depth in »

Over at the Pinstriped Bible (full disclosure: I own the damned thing), Rebecca Glass discusses Nick Swisher’s double-groin injury. Parenthetically, in my ignorance of anatomy I tend to think of “groin” in the singular rather than the plural, as the Man with Two Groins automatically suggests an old-school carnival sideshow or Tod [...]