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Wednesday September 30th 2020


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New York Yankees: Stop It Already, the Sky Isn’t »

Calm down. ...Relax ...Take a deep breath Are we good?  Great. Now, for all you Yankees fans and Yankees haters out there, I just want to let you know your worst fears or best hopes will not come to fruition.  The Yankees will be fine.  Yes, I took the plunge; the Yankees will be fine.* (*Do I have a crystal ball you ask? No, but do [...]

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox: Merger of the »

When you are a Yankees fan, there are only two possible outcomes: The Yanks win the World Series and reaffirm your belief that you indeed root for the best team under God's blue sky, or the Yankees fail in their quest and you somehow begin to question the very existence of the Big Man himself.* (*I never really question my faith, but it was the [...]