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Tuesday October 27th 2020


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New York Yankees on the Brink of Historic Collapse »

The Yankees are on the verge of an epic collapse, the worst regular-season meltdown in the storied 110-year history of the franchise. At the end of play on July 18, the Yankees found themselves 10 games in front of the Orioles and 10.5 in front of the Rays in the AL East. They were cranking up the presses to print playoff tickets. Instead, they [...]

New York Yankees Do Walk of Life 210 Times; Mickey »

  When Jim Thome hit a pinch-hit home run for the Phillies earlier this year, he broke the record for walk-off home runs in a career with 13. Thome had been tied with five Hall of Famers — Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Stan Musial, Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle — before his record-setting blast. Mantle actually had 13 walk-offs if [...]

Horace Clarke: 10 Things You Never Knew About the »

Between 1964 and 1976 the New York Yankees endured one of the longest dry spells in team history—12 years without an American League pennant, after winning five in a row and 14 flags in 16 years. Those years, sometimes compared to the decline of the Roman Empire, became known as the "Horace Clarke Era." But although Horace Clarke [...]

Derek Jeter: Best Shortstop We’ve Ever Seen »

Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop we've ever seen. Sure, Honus Wagner is the greatest shortstop in baseball history—but who alive saw old Hans play?After all, Wagner last played 95 years ago, when Woodrow Wilson was President, World War I was being waged and Babe Ruth was still pitching. Wagner won eight National League batting [...]

New York Yankees: Are They the Worst They’ve »

In 1992 the New York Yankees finished with a 76-86 record, 20 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays and tied for fourth place in the AL East. It was Buck Showalter's first year at the helm That year, the Yankees missed the playoffs for the 11th year in a row. Since 1992 they've missed the playoffs just twice. That was 20 years ago. That was then [...]

Remembering Moose Skowron, Childhood Idol »

A piece of this kid’s childhood and a link to the glorious Yankee teams of the 50s and early 60s died today with the passing of former first baseman Bill “Moose” Skowron. More than 50 years ago, my father took me to my first baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Although the White Sox won the game, the Moose homered for the only [...]

Derek Jeter Makes a Career of Signature Moments »

While most ballplayers don’t have a single signature moment, Derek Jeter has a career full of them. The Yankee captain even has a signature play—the Jeter jump throw from deep shortstop—which he’s performed dozens and dozens of times throughout his 17-year career. Here are 10 signature moments that define Derek Jeter. 1. [...]

The True Story of Wally Pipp »

  Wally Pipp is baseball’s answer to Rodney Dangerfield. And nearly 100 years past his prime, he’s still getting no respect. The mention of Wally Pipp conjures visions of laziness and fake headaches and calling in sick. As in, that guy “Pipped” out, he’s not coming to work. Or he’s pulling a [...]

World Series Shutouts Prove Pitching Wins »

Jack Morris hurled 10 innings of shutout ball to lead the Minnesota Twins to a 1-0 win over the Atlanta Braves in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. There’s an old adage that says pitching wins championships. Throughout the long history of baseball, that’s certainly proven correct. And the best pitching generally wins out in championship [...]

Did the New York Yankees’ “Joba »

That Joba bravado has been replaced by inconsistent relief pitching. It’s clear the New York Yankees' constant juggling of roles, responsibilities, and pitch counts have messed with Joba Chamberlain’s head. Today’s Joba isn’t the same Joba who, at the age of 21, made his MLB debut in 2007 throwing fire out of the Yankee [...]