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Thursday October 29th 2020


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The New York Yankees’ Top 10 Pitchers of the »

In football, they say defense wins championships. In baseball, that can be translated to pitching wins World Series.Pitching is the most vital aspect of a team's success. A few shutdown pitchers can lead a team to greatness.The New York Yankees of the last two decades are known for a strong offense, but it was a solid pitching staff that got them [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Joe Buck Pays Lance Berkman to Injure »

In a strange turn of events, an unknown source reports that Joe Buck paid off Lance Berkman.  The bounty was placed to hit a line drive off Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez while the superstar wasn't paying attention. Buck, known by many as a Yankee hater, allegedly told the struggling Berkman he would give him $75,000 if he hit a [...]

Austin Jackson: Wasted Trade Bait or Bust? »

Hey bleacher report, its been a long time since my last post. I've been busy with many different things the last three of four months,so I haven't really had a chance to post anything on b/r. But now I'm back, at least for the next week or so to talk about whatever is going on in sports (except for Tiger Woods). So here's a little piece about yet [...]

Yankees Fans Not Satisfied with 6-1 Start to the »

I had the chance to attend Game 2 of the ALCS this past weekend, in which the Yankees took on the Angels.  First off, let me say it was the most exciting game I have ever gone to. Sitting in Section 202 of the bleachers, I had a great view of the game, and an even better scent of all the drunk fans around me. Better yet was the [...]

If the N.Y. Yankees Sign Aroldis Chapman, Pay Last »

Dear baseball fans, You should now be on panic mode. The weeks and days are coming closer to a possible overthrowing of the free agency system, and it could all come at the hands of Aroldis Chapman. Not that Chapman has done, or for that matter, will do anything wrong. The 21-year-old Cuban defected a few months ago and is now looking for a way [...]