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Monday October 26th 2020


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The New York Yankees Must Play Hardball With Derek »

Derek Jeter is one of the classiest guys in the Major Leagues and will go down as one of the best Yankees players in the history of the team. With manager Joe Girardi's contract figured out after he signed a three-year deal worth around $9 million it is now Jeter who will be the primary focus of the team. Brian Cashman knows he's in for a delicate [...]

New York Yankees Should Infuse Youth, Not Sign »

The New York Yankees teams in the past would spend their money at astronomical proportions during an offseason following an early playoff exit. One must hope the Yankees of this season will not follow the same model as it has proven to be detrimental over the course of time. The Yankees do not need to spend big on free agents, but instead should [...]

Why the New York Yankees Should Focus On Re-Signing »

Most Yankees fans and media for that matter have focused on one name for the Yankees to target during their annual free-agent bonanza.  The name should be familiar to every baseball fan by now. His name is Cliff Lee and over the past two seasons he has proven himself to be not only a difference-maker, but a clutch postseason [...]

The New York Yankees Lost to the Better Team in the »

There will much discussion in the coming days concerning the New York Yankees' failing to reach their mission statement of defending their World Series title. Their mission was no secret; it was even on their manager's back. Title No. 28. If the Yankees had obtained the World Series victory, then and only then would their season have been [...]

ALCS Game 4: Why A.J. Burnett Will Pitch the New York »

A.J. Burnett has the fate of the New York Yankees in his enigmatic hands when he takes the hill tonight in the Bronx. However, this time he may accomplish what he sets out to do. Burnett is not your ordinary pitcher. He possesses above average pitches for everything he throws, especially his fastball-curveball combination. Scouts would genuinely [...]

C.C. Sabathia Will Cause the Yankees To Have a Big »

C.C. Sabathia is the unquestioned ace of the New York Yankees pitching staff, but he could leave for greener pastures after the 2011 season. Sabathia was the Yankees No. 1 target during their free agent bonanza before the 2009 season began. General Manager Brian Cashman knew the rotation had to be upgraded, and there was no one better than [...]

Mariano Rivera: How Long Can He Keep Dominating the »

Mariano Rivera is a 16-year Major League veteran, and at 40 years old he is still dominating hitters in their 20s, but the question is how long can this continue. Take a look at Rivera's career, and it's easy to tell this is a future Hall of Famer on the mound. What he has been able to do while seemingly only throwing one pitch has been [...]

New York Yankees Will Once Again Be Big Players in »

No matter what happens during the 2010 Major League Playoffs, the Yankees will immediately get to work in the offseason to either win a third straight title or try to get back on top after a one year hiatus. One free agent target most everyone in the industry agrees the Yankees will get their hands on is current Rangers ace Cliff Lee. Lee has been [...]

New York Yankees Got It Right In Aiming for Wild Card »

Two games into both American League Division Series match-ups and it seems that the Yankees made the right decision by winning the Wild Card. The New York media continuously jumped on the Yankees regarding their play over the past two months. In reality, yes, they were playing horribly, but they were also not playing with a sense of urgency. The [...]