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Monday October 26th 2020


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Just Saying, Is All… | How History Will Remember »

Spotlights blind those who shine them. Alex Rodriguez is a singular celebrity. He’s also, deep down, an average guy. When the New York Yankees third baseman finally hangs up his cleats, analysts from ESPN to E! will debate the nuances of his hypothetical legacy—which might be cause for cheer if the nub of his actual identity [...]

Just Saying, Is All… | The Difference Between »

Belligerence makes the world go ‘round. New York Yankees fans and Boston Red Sox fans are militant competitors. They’re also mutual complements. When the Yanks and Sox square off at Fenway Park this weekend, soldiers on both sides of the front will fire the latest shots in a long-standing conflict—which would be more distressing [...]

Just Saying, Is All… | Why America Loves To Hate »

Thank heaven for durable hegemons. The New York Yankees are terrible for Major League Baseball’s competitive balance. They’re also great for Major League Baseball’s television ratings. On the eve of the 2010 season, the Bronx Bombers look primed for yet another run at the World Series—which would be worse news if it [...]

Just Saying, Is All… | The Difference Between »

Preference is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Alex Rodriguez is a remarkable talent. He’s also, unfortunately, a relative tool. In 16 big league seasons, the New York Yankees third baseman has amassed Ruthian statistics—which would be better news if he weren’t doomed to be measured against the incalculable charm of Derek [...]

Just Saying, Is All… | The Untold Story of the »

Old glory never dies—it just repeats itself into oblivion. The World Series isn’t what it was. It’s also, thankfully, still what it is. As America limps its way out of the Great Recession, there’s reason to doubt whether We the People will ever regain our position of global preeminence—which would be worse news if we [...]