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Monday October 26th 2020


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Calling Fernando Tatis To the Yankees Bench »

Followers of the offseason Yankees are left this winter thinking about a single bench position, and Fernando Tatis just may be the player for the job. Let's take a look at the probable roster: They will carry 12 pitchers.   These are the nine position players:  C Posada (Switch); 1B Teixeira (S); 2B Cano (Left); SS Jeter (Right); [...]

Does the Yankees Javier Vazquez Trade Make Nick »

When the Yankees signed Nick Johnson as DH for approximately $5.5M base pay, I thought that it was a very solid move.   Nick Johnson "keeps the line moving," wears down starting pitchers and gets on base, which is not a bad think in a lineup including Rodriguez, Teixeira, and Posada behind him. Very shortly thereafter, the Yankees traded [...]