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Tuesday October 20th 2020


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Roger Maris: The Greatest Slugger the Press Box Hacks »

This was the month my all-time favorite slugger found his groove; by the end of May he had 12 home runs and was on his way to a new record.That was 50 years ago. His name was Roger Maris, and I’m pissed off that the press box hacks who vote on the Hall of Fame have never handed him the golden ticket in. Last week, Bob Costas, as close as [...]

Derek Jeter and Steroids: He Just Says No? He’s »

I tell you I would have drafted Derek Jeter in a fantasy minute if I was sure he would follow a responsible steroids regime. But he’s an icon with a sense of righteousness, a determination to be a role model. I’d worry that Jeter might just say no. He’s off to a predictably lousy start and it’s his own fault. He’s a [...]