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Tuesday October 20th 2020


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Ichiro Should Bat Leadoff to Boost the Struggling New »

The calendar will turn to September this weekend, and the New York Yankees will be playing an important series for the division lead. Usually, we would assume that their opponent is the Boston Red Sox; instead, the team on the other side of the diamond is the Baltimore Orioles, led by the favorite for AL Manager of the Year in Buck Showalter.Even [...]

Robinson Cano Should Bat Second to Break out of Early »

Joe Girardi featured a lineup switch last night in an attempt to give the Yankees lineup a bit of a spark. Robinson Cano, who is in what seems to be his first extended slump ever, was moved back to the number five spot due to his 2012 power outage.However, in order for Cano to break out of his slump quicker, his ideal spot should be in the #2 [...]

New York Yankees: Dominant or Not, Ivan Nova Is the »

June 3, 2011. That is the last time Ivan Nova lost a game pitching for the New York Yankees. Even on that day, he only gave up two earned runs in six innings pitched.CC Sabathia is the workhorse, ace and stud of the staff. Hiroki Kuroda is the reliable veteran brought in to eat innings. Michael Pineda is the hot prospect with the 90 97 MPH [...]

2011 MLB Playoffs: Not Starting CC Sabathia in Game 2 »

The rainout of Game 1 has had a profound effect on the Yankees starting rotation. For one, AJ Burnett now is slated to start Game 4. But an even more pressing matter is when to pitch CC Sabathia.Joe Girardi says it will happen on Monday, for Game 3. That's the wrong move.The main reason for pushing CC back to Monday is simple: Joe doesn't want the [...]

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Top 10 Pinstripe Victories of the »

Let me start off with a fair warning to you readers: if you're a Red Sox fan, this probably isn't the article for you. It's just a bit biased towards the Yankees and it might just put you in a bad mood. So just move on.It's no secret that the Yankees and Red Sox engage in some exhausting affairs, with the average game running around four hours. [...]

The 5 Unsung Heroes of the New York Yankees »

When the majority of experts were asked before the season who the winner of the AL East would be, the answer was becoming redundant.The Boston Red Sox, obviously.Fast-forward to late September, and it's the Yankees on top. Those same experts said the rotation wouldn't hold up, but the surprising performances of Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon and Freddy [...]