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Sunday September 20th 2020


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Derek Jeter Honors Steinbrenner and Sheppard: Top »

Last week, Yankee captain Derek Jeter honored the recently deceased Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and announcer Bob Sheppard. For that minute-long speech, it was hard not to think back to Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech, as Jeter's statements drew an explosion of applause. These are the type of moments that transform this player into a [...]

CC Sabathia and Mark Teixiera Give New York Yankees a »

The Yanks have been leading the AL East for almost the entire season. However, earlier this season they were doing it without what we expected from Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia.   Instead, players like Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Andy Pettitte, and Nick Swisher were keeping the Yankees in control of their division. Within the past month [...]

Will Alex Rodriguez’s 600th Home Run Make Him a »

Alex Rodriguez's relationship with Yankee fans has been complicated. Since his arrival to New York in 2004, he's been cheered and booed, quiet and controversial. But then again, A-Rod's performance and accolades haven't exactly been consistent. He's laid claim to two MVP awards as a Yankee, but has also posted an average below .270 in four [...]

Uncle Joe Is Still Missed in New York »

It was a bitter-sweet sight. Last weekend was the first series that the Yankees faced former manager Joe Torre, after a bitter breakup in 2007. Before the game, Torre and the players he coached in New York embraced. It was like watching a former couple seeing each other again after breaking up for mutual reasons. It feels like far more than three [...]

New York Yankees In a Battle At Top of AL East »

The Bombers are barely leading the pack. What started out as a four-horse race with the Yanks playing second fiddle is now a crowd of three with the Yanks on top. With Toronto currently down seven games, the Yankees are preoccupied with keeping the Rays (two games back) and Red Sox (two and a half games back) at a distance. I must admit, [...]

Yankees Tied for First in East, So Who Needs To Step »

The Yanks are in first place in the American League East for the first time this season. After winning six out of their last seven games, including a sweep of the Astros over the weekend, they are tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the top spot of the division. However, questions still loom about big-name players who were key for the Yankees [...]

2010 New York Yankees: Top Five Pinstriped Players »

Since opening day, the number 28 on Joe Girardi's uniform has been looking more and more like a target. Having three starters on the DL last week and being in the thick of a four-horse race in the AL East, the Yankees have their share of teams gunning for them. With Rodriguez and Teixeira still not playing up to their caliber, the Yankees [...]