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Friday October 30th 2020


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Constructing the ALCS Roster »

The cool thing about the postseason is that teams that advance to the next round can adjust their roster, for whatever reason—maybe someone gets hurt, maybe someone is better against one team than another.With the ALDS over, the Yankees can now construct their ALCS roster.This roster will largely remain the same—the differences come down to [...]

New York Yankees: Ghosts? What Ghosts? »

The common refrain going around the Yankee fan base right now is that while nothing is guaranteed, and that the Yankees are not guaranteed to win their series against the Twins, there is a different feel around this year's squad than there has been in many years. This team is likable, fun to root for and really damned good.So nevermind CC [...]

The Top 10 Moments of the Yankees’ 2009 regular »

Some of these will not be among your traditional choices. Feel free to add your own in the comments.10) Nick Swisher's surprise pitching appearanceThis won't be a traditional choice, since it's not something that anyone is necessarily proud of, but Swisher's relief appearance in April provided a brief moment of levity in a bad loss and also gave [...]