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Friday October 30th 2020


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Thurman Munson’s 22 Errors Deserved a »

Seventh in an 11-part series examining the vagaries of awards voting. You could probably find at least one undeserved Gold Glove awarded every season. The vast majority of Gold Glove recipients are repeat winners, sort of making the award like a concussion—once a player gets one, it becomes progressively easier to get more. To be sure, most [...]

Mickey Mantle Didn’t Make His a Double in »

Generally speaking, power hitters should rack up a prodigious amount of doubles. They certainly hit the ball hard enough to reach the outfield wall or split the gaps in the alleys. And except for Harmon Killebrew, whose feet of lead carried him to only 290 career two-baggers—against nearly twice as many home runs (573)—the majority of [...]

Four Hall of Famers and One a Bit Lamer: Five Notable »

When one's computer crashes and long-labored articles are lost, one goes back to basics: scouring the memory and trying desperately to recreate the statistical nuances and research that kept one awake until all hours of the night.  So I begin with a short compilation of notable—or notably dubious—achievements by the great and the [...]