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Saturday October 24th 2020


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MLB Free Agents 2013: Nick Swisher Red Sox Offer »

When MLB free agents join their former team's biggest rival, a fan and media uproar is the inevitable result. With a rivalry like the New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox conflict, even the possibility of such a move can stir a frenzy.Take the recent Red Sox interest in Nick Swisher. Its announcement evoked cries of wrath in [...]

MLB Free Agents 2013: 7 Players the New York Yankees »

Those who insist the New York Yankees need a complete overhaul after a 95-win season and advancement to the ALCS deserve a trip in time to 1966, when the Yanks finished tenth in a ten-team league, and 1967, when they finished ninth. However, continual improvement is key to not repeating history, and an element of that improvement is astute free [...]