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Wednesday October 21st 2020


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New York Yankees’ Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova: A »

The best phrase to describe the pair of young pitchers in the Yankees rotation should be polar opposites. Despite both arriving on the Yankees MLB team, they took completely different roads to reach where they are today. Most intriguing is how the trend has continued. One of them is making the most of his shot at the majors, and the other is [...]

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter on the Brink of .300 »

With every base hit, Derek Jeter is climbing further up Major League Baseball’s all-time hits leaderboard. Two more hits will tie him with Craig Biggio and three will push him into baseball’s all-time Top 20. Each subsequent base hit is also doing more and more to silence the waves of criticism he faced earlier in the season. The first [...]

Russell Martin Is Taking One for the Team, Not Letting »

Growing up playing hockey in Canada, Russell Martin had to deal with injuries and play through to keep in the game. He’s carried that same mentality into this season with the Yankees. Whether it’s broken toes, back ailments, getting run over at the plate or taking a bat to the side of the head, Russell has played through a multitude of [...]

Tom Verducci Effect: Dead Arm and Tommy John Surgery »

In 2006, Tom Verducci famously put forth his theory on pitchers' limit and created a phenomenon across baseball. Originally called the “year after effect,” it has since been renamed in his honor. The Yankees took this to heart and employed strict versions of it with Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes. Verducci wrote his column in [...]

Bitter Rivals, Sweet Results: Yankees take on Red Sox »

The Yankees and Red Sox opened another series last night, and with it came another installment of baseball’s most important rivalry.It’s been long, it’s had its ups and downs, and lately it’s been very evenly matched. Most importantly, it’s a rivalry which continually decides the playoff race in the American League [...]