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Saturday October 24th 2020


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Hank Steinbrenner: Boss Lite Huffs and Puffs but »

I am uncertain what precise role it is that Hank Steinbrenner plays in the Evil Empire that is the New York Yankees, but I'm led to believe his duties are skill-free and singular in scope—be the blowhard son of George. Or Boss Lite, if you will. Hank is, of course, eminently qualified to perform this function because he is, in fact, papa [...]

New York Yankees: They’d Be Crazy To Give »

I'm confused. It isn't the first time I've been confused, of course, because I'm blonde. I don't think of myself as a ditzy blonde, though. I think I have a good grasp on most things, although I still can't quite figure out why anyone older than 14 would consider Adam Sandler a funny man. I mean, Sandler is funny like Tiger Woods is a virgin. But [...]