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Saturday October 24th 2020


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Brett Gardner on Pace for a Historic Run »

I'm going to start this piece by stating the following: Yes, I'm aware it's only May 12, and therefore, "on pace" articles are always rebutted with "It's only been ___ number of games!" Regardless, part of the fun in sports in projecting things. So that's what I'm here to do. Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees stole his 15th base in the first [...]

Which Slow Starts Should Concern The New York Yankees? »

Despite a sparkling record good for second place in the tough AL East, a number of Yankee hitters are off to poor starts. Mark Teixeria, Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson and Alex Rodriguez are all struggling mightily. So which of the four are likely to turn it around? Advanced statistics can help us with that one. All of this data is available at [...]

Anything To Be Gained From The Dallas Braden/A-Rod »

Apparently, the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez and the Athletics' Dallas Braden got into some sort of argument yesterday when Rodriguez cut across the pitcher's mound to get back to first base when Robinson Cano hit a foul ball... You know what? I can't even finish describing the situation, it's so boring. Look, I understand that A-Rod sort of finds [...]

Humor: New York Yankee Fans Blame Joe Girardi for »

In a message board storm unlike any seen for weeks, New York Yankees fans set the online world abuzz as they ripped Yankees manager Joe Girardi for costing Phil Hughes a no-hitter. Fans called for Girardi's immediate resignation/firing/tar-and-feathering following the game where Hughes, one of the Yankees' top young pitchers, no-hit the Oakland [...]

Robinson Cano vs. Dustin Pedroia Creates a New Debate »

If you were a fan of the Yankees or Red Sox in the mid to late 90's, you no doubt took a side in the Nomar Garciaparra/Derek Jeter debate. Jeter and Garciaparra were two of the new breed of shortstop. Shortstops were no longer defensive specialists and merely adequate with the bat—Jeter and Garciaparra were two of the premier hitters in [...]

Why the New York Yankees Should Be Thankful for Brett »

If the New York Yankees do indeed clinch home-field advantage in the American League for the playoffs and avoid a trip to Anaheim, they should be thanking Brett Gardner. For the third time in a week, Gardner has provided the kind of spark for the Yankees that only he can, and this time it might have led to the Yankees' biggest win of the [...]