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Sunday October 25th 2020


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New York Yankees: Why Soriano and Feliciano Will Make »

Now that the Cliff and Andy questions have both been answered and put to rest, the biggest immediate concern across Yankee Universe going into spring training appears to be the two big question marks in the back end of our starting rotation. How crucial is the back end of the rotation to a successful season for us? Not as much as some might think. [...]

Andy Pettitte Will Help NY Yankees Back To The World »

Now that Andy Pettitte has returned from his Hawaiian Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, it's hard to tell who's awaiting his plans for next season with greater anticipation: Yankee fans or Yankee....ummm...shall we say, non-fans. While his return certainly would be cause for a cheer by the former, if he decides to retire, it will hardly be cause for a funeral [...]

Dave Eiland, AJ Burnett’s Ex-Pitching Guru, »

It's been quite a few weeks since former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland was removed from the team's equation for 2011, and Cubs coach Larry Rothschild was hired to replace him. The many ways in which Rothschild is a major upgrade for the Yankees this coming season (and the obvious and equal number of ways Eiland's departure was necessary) will [...]

Why Yankee Fans Should Be Thanking Santa For This »

Dear Santa, Let's get one thing straight right now. Everybody knows the longer Andy Pettitte waits to decide, the more likely he is to pitch again next season. It's been awhile, so we're not asking you for anything extra there. We're pretty sure he'll make the right choice for all concerned... Now that that's out of the way and everyone has [...]

Josh Beckett Should Be Arrested and Red Sox Fans »

I am mad as hell right now. After the way Josh Beckett tried to injure three Yankees tonight, I'd almost feel better if Jacoby Ellsbury sneezes and his fractured ribs puncture his lungs. Or maybe I'd almost feel better if Joe Girardi gave struggling Javier Vazquez a chance to boost his fortunes with the team's fans and work on his control at the [...]

Mariano Rivera the Last to Wear Jackie »

I just came across a fun baseball fact you may already know, but if not, you'll want to share like I did. Today is Jackie Robinson Day throughout MLB, and every player, coach, manager, and umpire will be wearing No. 42. However, the only MLB player actually wearing 42 on his regulation uniform is the Yankees' Mariano Rivera. The number was retired [...]

Top 10 Reasons New York Yankees Fans Laugh At Red Sox »

Dear Red Sox fans, As a Yankee fan, I'll be the first to admit a little bias in my belief that the greatest organization in Major League Baseball plays in the Bronx. However, the Boston media in general, and several publications and writers there in particular, have elevated the fan-baiting and rivalry-stirring between our two teams to childishly [...]

Now Playing At Comerica Park: Johnny Damon: The Final »

So the Johnny Damon-Scott Boras good cop-bad cop feature film is over at last. "The Goodbye Boy Part 5" that played in newspapers, blogs and radio talk shows everywhere has finally come to the end of its run in Detroit. Was it an epic saga? A melodrama? A romance? A buddy flick? A little of each probably, but mostly it was a broad farce, and with [...]

Why Mauer the Twin Must Die and His Evil Twin Yankee »

I'm no expert. But I know this time next year, Joe Mauer will be a Yankee. For all the warm and fuzzy commentary about Joe Mauer needing to remain a Minnesota Twin for the sake of preserving the hopes of small-market teams everywhere, there is an underlying ominous implication that if he doesn't he will be branded baseball's all-time biggest [...]

The Best $2.5 Million George Steinbrenner Ever Refused »

"28 in 2010" is the newfound battle cry of the resurgent Yankee dynasty. However, "27 since 2007" might be a more meaningful one this week. Just 28 months ago, on a Wednesday evening at the team's Legends Field training complex in Tampa, George Steinbrenner gathered his two sons, team president Randy Levine, Brian Cashman, and several others [...]