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Wednesday October 21st 2020


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MLB: Is It Time to Let Steroid Users into the Hall of »

After hearing that Tampa Bay Rays slugger Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance enhancing drugs for the second time in three years, I started to wonder..."Should we let steroid users into the Hall of Fame?"I think the answer is, yes, we should.  Now before I get bashed and people tell me I am not a real fan of the game, hear me out on [...]

New York Yankees: No Cliff Lee, Who Has a Plan B? »

When the Yankees found out they would be playing the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series, everyone in baseball figured Cliff Lee would be auditioning for his new team.  He took the mound in Game 3 in New York and dazzled everyone in attendance with his eight innings of one-hit ball and added in 13 strikeouts as [...]

New York Yankees: 2010 Roster Breakdown »

It is time to start looking towards the new MLB season. While many Yankee fans are still relishing in their 27th World Championship glory, it is time to gear up for another exciting season of Yankee baseball. I decided to do a breakdown of the Yankees current roster. This will give everyone a look at the Yankees lineup and rotation. Without [...]

MLB: New York Yankees-Philadelphia Phillies World »

Well folks, we are finally here; the World Series.  This has been a long season that has been filled with some pretty interesting moments.  Whether it was Alex Rodriguez admitting to steroid use, Randy Johnson winning his 300th game, or Ichiro collecting his 2,000th hit in only 1,402 games, it has been a great season. Now that all is said and [...]