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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


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New York Yankees Should Trade for Carlos Ruiz, Not a »

Injuries have destroyed the Yankees pitching staff. So far this season the Yankees have lost Michael Pineda and Mariano Rivera for the year, David Robertson for a month, Andy Pettitte for at least two months and CC Sabathia for two weeks.  Almost any team that loses three-fifths of its starting rotation, along with its closer and set-up [...]

Yankees Should Add Fielder After Acquiring Kuroda and »

With the additions of Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda, the Yankees have themselves a deep rotation. Getting Michael Pineda was pretty costly though, losing C/DH Jesus Montero in the process. The loss of a young power bat is something the Yankees are going to miss unless they go out and sign Prince Fielder.The Yankees are in need of youth, which [...]

What the Yankees Should Do in the Next Two Months of »

With two months left to go in the baseball season, the Yankees and Red Sox are tied for first place. No one would have expected this after Boston's horrendous start to the season and with all the Yankee injuries. Both teams will probably make the playoffs. Whoever wins this weekend's series will have an advantage for the division, while the [...]

New York Yankees’ Lineup in Need of a New Lead »

A mere two weeks into the season and the Yankees have been bombing away to score runs.That is good for the regular season, but if the Yankees make the playoffs, they will need better performance from their leadoff hitters. Brett Gardner looks lost and confused. Brett, who likes to work the count, is working himself to the bench very quickly. So [...]

The Yankees Don’t Need Francisco Liriano in »

Small market teams don't trade away a player that they control with two years to go before free agency.  Most teams would try to get the most out of him before trading such a player away.  Which leaves me to the Twins floating around Francisco Liriano's name out in trade winds and more than likely trading him away this season. Francisco [...]