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Friday October 30th 2020


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New York Sports History: The 20 Most Beloved Athletes »

New York is a city that demands winning. And if their wish isn't granted then they'll let you know about it. Here in New York we have had to deal with some mythical performances from opponents(Reggie Miller), but luckily we had some tricks up our sleeve as well(Willis Reed). There's no denying that New York Sports teams have had their fair [...]

Busted! Which Current New York Yankee Will One Day »

Yankee Stadium will always be the baseball capital of the world. It separates itself from the pack in so many ways: roll call, history, noise, and most of all, Monument Park. Being carved in Yankee stone is an honor that rivals the Hall of Fame. Only 25 Yankees (26, including Jackie Robinson) have found their faces on Baseball's Mount [...]

Dear Baseball Fans, Alex Rodriguez Deserves Your »

Dear Baseball Fans, You can say what you want about Alex Rodriguez, but you can't say he doesn't care. Since the day he reached the major leagues at the ripe age of 18, he has done nothing but beg and plead for our respect, and in return we have done nothing more then point out his faults. I mean sure, each and every one of us has [...]

Why Derek Jeter is the Greatest Baseball Player Since »

Talent is overrated. Derek Jeter is not the most talented baseball player since 1980. In fact, he shouldn't even be in the conversation. However, talent can be improved upon with practice; excellence cannot. That's is really the only word we can use to describe Derek Jeter's career: excellent. Derek Jeter has been blessed with this excellence [...]

Don’t Hate the Yankees!: Why Money Has Nothing »

Say what you want about the Yankees. You can say they buy all their players. You can say that any team could be successful if they broke the bank every season like the Yankees. However, you would be wrong. Because just like the "underdog" Rays, Marlins, and Twins, the Yankees also develop talent. In fact, it was not big free agent [...]

New York Sports History: Not So Empire State of »

Over the years New York has been a city that demands winning. And if they don't get it then they'll let you know about it. Even though we do win probably more then any other city/state it never seems to be enough. Because with the shining lights of the Big Apple many crazy things have happened to us and the teams we love so much. At times we have [...]