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Saturday October 31st 2020


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Let’s Get It Started: Yankees-Twins ALDS Preview »

This is why they play the games. Even though this philosophy is overplayed and overhyped in just about every sport, every year, the Yankees versus the Twins is the ultimate David versus Goliath contest. The Bronx Bombers are 7-0 against the Twins this season, and since Rod Gardenhire took over as Twins skipper in 2002, the Yankees are 23-3 [...]

What Awaits Yankees? An Opportunity Of A Lifetime »

Okay, New York Yankees; you now have the best record in baseball; you have 50 come-from-behind victories; you have a clubhouse full of likable players who seem to enjoy playing with and for each other, and, beginning next week, what does it all mean? Absolutely nothing. Not to take anything away from the fabulous season that the Yankees have put [...]