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Sunday October 25th 2020


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New York Yankees: Top Ten Teams That Can Stand in the »

The road to the World Series consists of heated division battles, intense rivalries and several short series in which anything can happen. Any major league team is capable of beating another on a given day, or even in a given series. These are the 10 teams—loosely listed in order—that I think have the greatest chance of standing in the [...]

New York Yankees: Offseason in Review and a Preview »

Unlike the previous two seasons, the New York Yankees are not the widespread favorite to win their division in 2011. The team considers 2010 a failure as their star-studded lineup came up short in October, and they set out from there with one primary offseason goal in mind. That completely backfired and the Yankees were forced to turn to plan B. [...]

Rafael Soriano to The Yankees: A Good Deal All Around »

Rafael Soriano, the best relief pitcher on the free-agent market this year, has reached a three-year deal with the New York Yankees worth about $35 million. The Yankees have opted for Soriano since their initial interest in Kerry Wood didn’t develop into a deal and they’re better off for it. Wood’s injury history is [...]

Cliff Lee: Pay First, Ask Questions 7 Years Later »

My upcoming articles will look at each free agent this season, signed or unsigned, and try to analyze what the player can be expected to do over the coming years, what the player will probably get (or has gotten) on the free agent market, and what I would want to pay the player if I was in charge. I’ll go in the order of Jeff Passan’s [...]