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Saturday October 24th 2020


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New York Yankees: Judging the Trades, 2008-09 Edition »

In the (long-awaited) second installment of a multi-part series, we look at the trades the Yankees made starting in the 2007 offseason through the 2009 regular season.Trades are assessed not only on how each player fared on their successive teams (be it the Yankees or the team they were traded to), but also on any future deals those players were a [...]

New York Yankees: Judging the Trades, 2010-11 Edition »

The game of baseball has always had clearly defined winners and losers. On the other hand, the business of baseball­, i.e., the trades and signings teams make, hasn't. For years baseball writers have dissected and analyzed trades to see what team benefitted more from the deal. New York has always been active in the trade market, but they've [...]