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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


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MLB, Selig Come to Their Senses and Hit A-Rod with a »

After months of threatening a lifetime ban and invoking MLB's rarely used "best interests" clause, Commissioner Bud Selig finally faced reality on Monday after suspending Alex Rodriguez for 211 games under the league's drug policy. The commissioner's decision to ignore the outrage in his heart and use his head on this decision should [...]

Alex Rodriguez: How MLB’s Witch Hunt Could Turn »

You can loathe Alex Rodriguez all you want. You can support his imminent suspension—a lifetime ban even. You can beg that he just goes away quietly. You can even root for the New York Yankees in any potential effort to void his contract.  But if you know baseball, and you are honest with yourself, you cannot—even in the darkest [...]

Roger Clemens Verdict Is Not About Innocence, »

The Rocket launched another unbelievable shutout Monday, leaving federal prosecutors holding their bats in disbelief at the end of a costly, drawn-out perjury trial.A day after the verdict, the consensus is that Clemens' acquittal doesn't mean he's innocent, but rather that the jury was unconvinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.That is [...]