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Friday October 23rd 2020


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Mariano Rivera: Are the Yankees Doomed to Fail This »

With Mariano Rivera out for the season, as it stands today, the Yankees will not win the World Series.  They can't.  They simply do not have the pieces a championship caliber team requires to win it all.Losing Mariano Rivera is a devastating loss for the team as well as all of baseball and its fans. If George Steinbrenner were alive [...]

In Need of a Savior: Should The Yankees Call Up Jesus »

Yes, yes they should.  That's the answer to the headline.  If you got it right, good for you.   If you are actually dumb enough to have disagreed with me, just stop reading now because I don't want have to read the stupid comments you are no doubt already formulating in your head as you skim the article. And no, I will not apologize [...]

Bustin’ the Cap: Why a Salary Cap Would Do »

It has been brought up countless times, By owners and fans alike, "The MLB needs a salary cap."   Every year the argument is renewed, and with five of the eight teams that made the playoffs this year having payrolls over $100 million and of course with the much maligned New York Yankees money machine taking home the Commisioner's Trophy the cries [...]