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Tuesday October 27th 2020


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Yankees Face Potential Doom as Usual »

There is something arrogant about the New York Yankees. The Boss, for those of us annoyed by his inhumane behavior or his loudmouthed ways to censure his players, ones he lavishes with outrageous salaries, is much too talkative to refrain from acting like a blowhard. Sadly enough, Hank Steinbrenner is the most bombastic [...]

Alex Rodriguez: Tainted Milestone Not the Cleanest »

Because it was a national tale, with baseball loyalists viewing Alex Rodriguez as the next home run king, it was wondrous to witness a purist milestone. But mostly, this happened before it turned out to be an asterisk, a national nightmare that is incurable and contemptible, ever since A-Rod’s admission of using performance-enhancing drugs [...]

George Steinbrenner Built the New York Yankees Empire »

ANAHEIM--The words are indescribable of the somber news that stunned all of baseball, unfortunately stealing the spotlight on the day of the All-Star Game. As the most sentimental death ceased the excitement, we lost arguably the craftiest businessman in sports, the savvy owner of the famous New York Yankees. We lost George Steinbrenner, a [...]

Hate All You Want, but Yankees Are America’s »

After a gratifying night at the new and colossal Yankee Stadium, long-suffering derailment finally has dissolved putting behind disastrous misfortunes that ultimately stained prodigy and eminence, which classified a franchise and state. Instead, traditional pinstripes symbolized dysfunction and the laughingstock in baseball, failing to reach [...]

At Last, Yankees Validates Traditional Earnings »

They haven’t won 26 titles in 40 appearances for nothing, or haven’t spent an outrageous $423.5 million for the series MVP C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett. Even the house Derek Jeter built was invested, confident of reliving glorious celebrations and pennant runs. Last year alone the dauntless co-chairmen Hank and Hal [...]

Alex Rodriguez’s Sudden Postseason Arrival Is »

NEW YORK—We’re imploring and dreaming of an epic classic, a spectacle that’s enticing enough to discard all the steroid bust that has disappointed us for much of the season. Right now, baseball happens to have a dream series in mind, as many are thinking blue and wishing for pinstripes. Yes, our eyes are set on a Dodgers-Yankees World [...]

Yanks’ Pinstripes Inevitably Tangible To »

It is well established, we’ve approached a point when the entire world is heavily paying attention to the New York Yankees. Much is at stake for the casual investors, making all the blockbuster deals and stealing nearly all big-name free-agents on the market. History over the last five years specifies indignities and failures, explicating greed [...]