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Saturday September 19th 2020


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The 8 Most Awkward Celebrations in Recent MLB History »

Over the years, MLB has been surprisingly free of embarrassingly bad celebration failures. One theory as to why is because baseball’s fabled honor code discourages players from showing up opponents. But if these eight players are any indication, maybe it is because baseball players just aren’t that good at [...]

MLB’s First Hall of Fame Class Will Never Be »

Starting next season, the MLB Hall of Fame ballot is set to get very crowded. Names like Bonds, Clemens, Sosa and Piazza are set to join the ballot in 2013 while Maddux, Thomas, Johnson, Martinez and Griffey are on tap in subsequent years.  Add in holdovers like Bagwell, Raines, McGwire and Palmeiro, and it’s easy to see why there will [...]

Top 20 Righty Hitters in MLB (Right Now) »

Now that we've hit the midway point of the MLB season, it's time to take a look at the top 20 right-handed hitters in the game at this very moment.  But before we begin, let's go over the ground rules: 1.  The rankings are based on a combination of career performance and single-season offensive performance, based on the Offensive Wins [...]

MLB: Expanded Replay Not Needed to Fix Warwick Issue »

“If you cheat and fail, you’re a cheater.  If you cheat and succeed, you’re savvy.” -Eric Cartmenez By now, we’ve all seen Dewayne Wise’s amazing catch savviness in convincing the umpires that he caught Jack Hannahan’s fly ball while diving into the stands in the seventh inning of the Yankees’ [...]

Roger Clemens’ Decline in Boston Was Greatly »

Now that Roger Clemens has been found not guilty on all six counts of perjury, talk can resume on whether or not he is worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame.  This will undoubtedly lead to critical analysis of his career, though at face value, Clemens’ numbers should make his case a fairly simple one. However, many people are under [...]

A-Rod’s Gambling Scandal Is Purely Manufactured »

Am I the only one who finds the timing of the latest A-Rod “scandal” to be a little too coincidental? If you haven’t heard by now, MLB has again decided to look into the personal life of Alex Rodriguez, this time investigating his possible participation in illegal high stakes poker games involving other celebrities.  [...]

Pud Galvin: The Godfather of Juicing »

To most fans, the idea of steroids being a problem in baseball (commonly referred to as “juicing”) is a recent problem that begins right around the time Jose Canseco joined the Major Leagues.  In truth, however, steroids were already widespread in baseball well before Canseco; former MLB pitcher Tom House (who famously caught Hank [...]