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Monday October 26th 2020


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MLB Free Agency 2012: Why CC Sabathia May Opt Out of »

The New York Yankees played well above their talent level in 2011, at least as far as their pitching was concerned. We knew they'd have a powerful offense, just as much as we knew a rotation rounded out with A.J. Burnett, Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia wouldn't be able to deliver them a World Series championship.Sure enough, faced [...]

Derek Jeter: The 10 Sexiest Reasons Mr. November Is a »

While some Major League Baseball players collect expensive cars, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter collects trophy girlfriends. Can we blame him? Jeter has one of the sexiest dating resumes known to man, with about as many beautiful women to coincide with his 12 All-Star Game appearances. One thing is clear—Jeter has some mad game, both on [...]

MLB Power Rankings: The 7 Greatest Rivalries in »

Rivalries are what make sports great—and MLB is loaded with teams and fans looking for blood.MLB was founded in 1869, and at this point some teams have been beating up on each other for more than 100 years. The emotions felt by players and fans during a game increase the tension and animosity of a rivalry, and over time there ends up being [...]

MLB Power Rankings: A-Rod, Mark Teixiera and the »

Alex Rodriguez. Adrian Gonzalez. Even Jose Bautista. The AL East is absolutely loaded with top of the line sluggers who put their team on their back and punish opposing pitchers. Although many AL East fans won't admit it—there is life outside of their division. In a piece released earlier this week examining the best one-two punches in the [...]

Breaking News: Jorge Posada Wanted off of New York »

You can add a new twist to the Jorge Posada vs. New York Yankees feud.It was reported late last night that upon learning he was scheduled to bat ninth in the order on Saturday, Posada didn't only request to sit out of the game but actually wanted off of the Yankees altogether.Wow. Talk about entitlement.As information continues to pour out [...]

Derek Jeter: 5 Reasons the Captain-Yankees »

The New York Yankees and Derek Jeter are at it again.Their tumultuous relationship took another turn for the worse this past weekend and things don't look to be getting better any time soon.With big money comes expectations—and with expectations come failures.Although the Jeter re-signing looked ugly from the start, no one would have [...]

New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers & 10 Greatest »

Throughout history, there have been many great players and teams in the world of sports. With free agency, rules changes or even the expansion of leagues, it has become increasingly more difficult for teams to compete year in and year out. Teams move, players come and go, and owners pass away. Yet, over the last century, some franchises [...]