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Friday October 30th 2020


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Breaking Down Bryce Harper and Each MLB Team’s »

Now that the mid-point of the season has arrived, why not have some updated scouting reports on each MLB teams' top prospect?These are the players of the future. The Derek Jeter's, the Albert Pujols's and the Ryan Braun's—who is next to become a star like them? This article doesn't include people who are rookies in the 2011 [...]

Yankees- Do They Have a Super Nova or a Super Bust »

Ivan Nova had one of his most dominant starts of his career last night. He turned a huge hitters park into a pitchers park.Nova didn't look like himself giving up one run over eight innings. He threw down seven strike outs to shut down the Reds. He didn't even give up a walk—an obvious sign of improvement. Russell Martin told the AP, [...]

MLB: The Cutter: Why Dominance Is Shifting from Plate »

The cutter. A game saver, reviver, the magical pitch which can change a pitcher's career. The pitch where home runs become strikeouts.Mariano Rivera isn't the only one. How about 2010 Cy Young Roy Halladay? Or Josh Beckett's recent dominance after suffering an injury-riddled 2010.John Danks, who had started the season with zero wins, has found his [...]