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Friday October 30th 2020


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What the New York Yankees Can Expect from Ichiro »

When the Yankees asked Ichiro Suzuki to take the short walk from the Seattle clubhouse to the one occupied by the squad from New York before a July night game against the Mariners in 2012, the organization couldn't have expected to get the production it did.The trade that sent Ichiro from the struggling home team to the playoff-contending Yankees [...]

5 Reasons Why the Yankees Will Win the AL East Without »

It's December—the season of office holiday obligations parties, the realization that the Jets are a mess and the Yankees making the biggest splash at baseball's winter meetings. Well, at least two out of three are true this year. It's almost eerie how quiet the Yankees have been, and will presumably continue to be during this free-agent [...]

5 Ways Joe Girardi Can Improve the New York Yankees in »

There's really only so much you can do as a manager of a baseball team to affect the outcome of a game.In sports like basketball and football, where strategy building and play-calling is essential from play to play, the man they call Skipper has much more of a say. Baseball, however, is a sport where aside from a few hit-and-run calls, the manager [...]

3 Reasons Why the Yankees Should Let Nick Swisher Walk »

With Nick Swisher declining the Yankees’ qualifying offer of $13.3 million, the organization faces a decision on whether or not to make a substantial offer for the veteran right fielder.Throughout the regular season, rumors swirled that suggested Swisher would seek “Jayson Werth money” (7 years, $126 million) in the offseason. [...]