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Friday October 30th 2020


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New York Yankees: Few Questions Remain for Yanks As »

After missing the postseason last year, the Yankees clinched early this year. As a result, they've been able to get everyone rested and set up the rotation for the playoffs. We know what the starting lineup will be. We know that the Yankees will choose the long season and start Sabathia, Pettitte, and then Burnett. There are still a few questions [...]

The Staten Island Yankee Quartet »

The recent Yankees draft strategy has been to take guys who are signability cases. While this is definitely the right move for a team with the financial resources, there is a downside to this plan. While other teams have their top picks playing in short season leagues, the Yankees are still negotiating. By the time the Yankees get all of their top [...]

Who Should The Yankees Root For While The Twins and »

It doesn't seem like the Yankees care about anything other than winning at this point. Since clinching home field advantage for the entire postseason, they haven't lost a game and continue to look great. However, things aren't set in stone in the American League Central. The Tigers hold a two game lead over the Twins, but the two teams face off [...]

New York Yankees Prospect Hitting Dominance Factors »

Recently, Mike Axisa over at River Avenue Blues took a look at all of the minor league pitchers through the lens of a statistic called Dominance Factor. Brett Sullivan developed this statistic over at Project Prospect. The formula is (K%+.72*GB%-BB%)+(Age Level Standard-Actual Age)*7. Since the statistic is relatively simple, Sean P., who I write [...]