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Saturday October 24th 2020


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9 Updated Reasons to Dislike the Yankees »

I'm always disgusted when I hear someone say that "they're a New York fan," or that they root for both New York baseball teams.  It tells me they're not a hardcore fan of either team, Ask any Mets fan if he roots for the Yankees, and he'd probably tell you he'd rather have a root canal.Ask any Yankees fan if he roots for the Mets and [...]

New York Yankees: It’s May 21; Do You Know Where »

The Monday Quickie Pop Quiz; all answers TRUE or FALSEWith 25 percent of the season complete, the rebuilding, penny-pinching New York Mets have more wins than the $200-plus million payroll of the New York Yankees.On May 21, 2012, the Yanks would be closer to last place in the AL East than first place.The Yankees, with their big three on the mound, [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Reasons It’s Time to Get »

We're just about two weeks away from Memorial Day weekend, which is typically a good time to step back and evaluate exactly where your baseball team is or where it's headed.Questions abound for New York Yankees fans.Do you like what you see in the Bronx?  Do you like the team that Brian Cashman put together for 2012?  Are you content [...]

New York Yankees: Sorry Yankee Fans, Jorge Posada Is »

It's always easy to get caught up in all the sentimental hoopla when a beloved player retires or moves on.  There is no doubt that Jorge Posada is one of the most popular Yankees of our generation, and being one of the home-grown "core four" along with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte makes him even more special in the eyes of [...]

Derek Jeter, Future Hall of Famer but NOT a Top 10 All »

This is not a slap at Derek Jeter.  He's a great player.  Yes, he's had some clutch hits and amazing playoff moments, but don't fool yourself into thinking that he is more valuable to the Yankees franchise than he actually is.Jeter has always been classy.  He'll never publicly bad-mouth a teammate, and he'll never create [...]