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Thursday October 29th 2020


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Cliff Lee: 5 Reasons New York Yankee Fans Should Relax »

If you search for "#clifflee" on Twitter, you will find an ongoing slew of tweets as folks await his long overdue decision about where he'll play in 2011.  While Ranger fans are certainly interested and hopeful, some Yankee fans seem despondent at the thought of the left-hander not coming to the Bronx.Here are five reasons the Yankee faithful [...]

Derek Jeter Negotiations Bring Out the Worst in Yankee »

If you’re going to write anything this month about Derek Jeter and his current negotiations with the New York Yankees, you need to begin by weighing in.  So, for what it’s worth:  No, Derek Jeter is not worth six years at $25 million a year.  It is also fair to say that he is worth more than three years at $15 million [...]