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Monday October 26th 2020


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MLB Playoff Predictions 2010: The Reds Crash the »

The Cincinnati Reds have been a dark-horse pick by a lot of fans for a few years and the team put it all together in 2010. Dusty Baker is now taking his third National League team into the playoffs. Will this be the year he gets that ring? The Reds offense, led by slugger Joey Votto and lead-off hitter Brandon Phillips, gets to face the toughest [...]

MLB First Quarter Report: An Illusion Of Parity »

The big story of the start of the baseball season would be the great starts by Tampa Bay, San Diego, Cincinnati and Washington. The other big stories are off the field tales of Hall of Fame players napping and teens getting tasered. The big debate is about parity. As of right now, there are fifteen teams that are .500 or better. That is great [...]

Does MLB Parity Exist? »

At first glance, it looks like baseball and competitive balance run on parallel lines. There are the Yankees with their 27 World Championships and the Pittsburgh Pirates who have not had a winning season since 1992. Those two franchises met in the epic 1960 World Series when Bill Mazeroski won it with a Game Seven ninth-inning home run. 1960 [...]

Game 163 and The MLB Playoff Preview »

In a season where pennant races were few and far between, the Twins did catch the Tigers to create a one-game playoff for the American League Central Division Title. The winner gets to go to New York to face the best team in baseball. The New York Yankee infield of Mark Texeria, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez might be the best [...]