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Friday October 30th 2020


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2012 New York Yankees: Chavez, Ibanez, Soriano Winning »

WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is today's go-to statistic used to determine just how much value a player brings to a team's win-loss record. Admittedly, it still confuses me, and not just because there isn't one universal formula used for its calculation. It's the basic premise that I find baffling; WAR is designed to measure the disparity between a [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Ways They Can Survive Without »

The New York Yankees, who in recent years have been perennial trade deadline buyers, surprised most by standing pat on July 31. Despite what some believe to be clear needs—another starting pitcher or a left-handed reliever, for instance—the Yankees remained faithful to the team that currently trots out to the field every night.That [...]

New York Yankees: Jason Marquis and 10 Possible Trade »

There are three things we generally know about the Major League Baseball trade deadline:1) It comes on July 31st.2) The Yankees are expected to make at least one big move.3) Manny Ramirez will be rumored to be going somewhere.Wait, what? Manny retired?! Crap. Well, until another eccentric, off-kilter, possibly unstable player who doubles as an RBI [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Ways the Bombers Can Turn Their »

The New York Yankees have had a relatively strong season so far, spending most of 2011 in or around first place in the American League East.  Still, the road ahead will be a difficult one, with the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays rebounding tremendously from their slow starts. More importantly, the team as it currently stands has some [...]

2011 New York Yankees: History Shows They Are Too »

What a relief Sunday’s rubber match between the Mets and Yankees was for the Bronx faithful.  Not simply because the Yankees took the third game of the series in resilient fashion, rebounding from an initial 3-1 deficit, but because their explosive eight-run seventh inning demonstrated the Bombers’ offense at its best—that [...]

A-Rod Has Come a Long Way…But Is It Far Enough? »

I remember back in February 2004, when I first heard the news that Alex Rodriguez had been traded to the New York Yankees.  At the time, I was a soon-to-be 14-year-old fan who had finally stopped taking for granted how difficult it was to win a World Series.  After growing up watching the Yankee dynasty win four championships in five [...]