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Wednesday October 21st 2020


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Roger Clemens To Be Indicted for Perjury »

The New York Times said Thursday that Roger Clemens, one of the best pitchers of all time, will be indicted on charges of making false statements to the U.S. Congress during the investigation involving steroids.Two people briefed on the matter said the charges came from testimonies that Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee had given under [...]

George Steinbrenner Dies: Top 10 Hilarious Moments as »

As I'm sure you all know, longtime Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has passed away from a massive heart attack. But in times of grief, humor is often the best medicine, especially if you hated the deceased for ruining free agency and attempting to ruin baseball, which I'm sure most do. One must remember, although for years he did it the [...]

Fantasy Baseball’s Top 10 Underachieving Hitters »

We have nearly a month of baseball in the books and many hairs have turned gray (if they haven't been pulled out) on fantasy owners of these 10. These 10 are causing you to bite the bullet because they are undroppable, currently untradeable for the value they deserve, and yet simply incredibly bad at the moment. The list does not include [...]

MLB: And The World Series Trophy Goes To… »

Another Oscar night filled with people who are completely useless to society explaining their thoughts and ideals to it while holding a golden naked man has passed, but the quest for a different trophy has begun. And I, another useless person to society, would like to explain my thoughts and ideas of what each team needs to do to hold the [...]

A Blind Monkey Could Have Managed This New York »

Please tell me Cub fans and the media aren't going to talk about how Joe Girardi is about to win the World Series and how the Cubs passed on him for Lou Piniella...oh wait, they already did. They are forgetting the whole team factor and how as long as you have a finger to point, you could manage this New York Yankees team.  Is it hard to put [...]