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Friday October 30th 2020


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ALDS 2010: Cliff Lee Shows the Power of the Big-Game »

If anyone was surprised at Cliff Lee’s performance in today’s ALDS conclusion, they haven't watched enough baseball to call themselves fans. If this postseason has made one thing perfectly evident, it is that a true ace in the postseason is worth many times his weight in gold. What’s more astonishing is how accurately one may [...]

MLB Playoffs 2010: Ranking the 10 Biggest Homerun »

During the regular season, quality baseball, consistent pitching, and measured tactics are the key to victory. Come October, and these methods go out the door. It's all about who can hit the most homeruns. Outside of simply including the Yankees starting nine, here are the most prolific power hitters in the 2010 postseason.Begin Slideshow

MLB Playoff Predictions: How the Postseason »

A solid ace is the most important part of any postseason rotation. In 2001, the Mariners were clearly the most talented team in the league, having won a record 116 games.But they ran into the Yankees' Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina and lost in a mere five games. Whatever team's pitching proves most consistent will be the team that wins the World [...]

Consistent Inconsistency: What Should The Yankees Do »

After A.J. Burnett signed a five year 82.5 million dollar contract, the Yankees expected front of the rotation performance from the former strikeout king and at times, Burnett has been just that; A consistent, above average strike-thrower. But often he has been erratic and inconsistent. It could be merely inning to inning—and that has been [...]